To get a free detailed quote for your project, please provide as much information as possible about your document. The main three points that will help me issue an accurate and precise price for your project are as follows:

1.- Word count (click on the "Word count" function in Word documents).
2.- File format.
3.- Desired deadline.

However, the submission of the file itself, or at least a fragment, is the simplest way to obtain a quick and binding price quote. 

Rates are calculated on a per-word basis, although they also depend upon a number of factors, such as difficulty and subject matter. 

Important note: The translation of graphics elements with text embedded in them are charged on a different basis using hourly rates. 

Payment Options:

1.- For payments from countries within the European Union:

Electronic Funds Transfer, deposit or euro-denominated check using SWIFT/BIC and IBAN code to a Spanish bank.

2.- For payments from the United States:

Electronic Funds Transfer, deposit or check to a brokerage account in the United States.

3.- Rest of the world:            
Electronic Funds Transfer to brokerage account in the U.S. or bank account in Spain.