About Me

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The main highlights of my background are as follows:

I worked in-house at Goldman Sachs translating, among other things, "morning call" reports into Spanish for publication on a trading platform that GS launched along with the online brokerage arms of several European providers that included Spain’s Bankinter.

I later worked at Richard Gray Financial Translations (RGFT, subsequently acquired by CLS Communications) serving clients such as Goldman, BBVA and Morgan Stanley.

As a freelancer, my direct clients include several small-and-medium-sized Spanish brokerages and the Iberian subsidiary of a major multinational insurance and fund-management provider.

During my decade as a freelancer, I have worked on many different types of projects for the financial industry, from strategy, fixed income and equity research reports issued regularly by top-tier investment banks to brochures published by commercial banks to publicize current accounts.

My experience as a translator also includes work on projects as diverse as a book of recipes for a branded barbecue sauce to a book on sociology. For several years, I worked as an independent contractor for the U.S. government’s Open Source Center, where I was responsible for releasing a daily summary in English of economic news items published in Latin American dailies. I was also a subtitler at the Latin American subsidiary of H.B.O., where I translated literally hundreds of films broadcast to millions of Spanish-speaking people throughout the Americas.

My educational background includes an M-Phil. In Medieval and Renaissance English Literature obtained at the University of Cambridge (1999), an M.A. in English Literature from Boston University, and a Licenciatura en Letras (B.A. in Spanish and Latin American Literature) from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (1993).

I am an Associate Member of the American Translators Association.